Actor Sicelo Buthelezi is a celebrated South African actor best known for his on-screen character of Teddy on Mzansi Magic’s most-watched drama series Gomora. He has managed to cap his illustrious career with accolades in recent years, and he is not holding back. He has fast become one of Mzansi’s finest, and he never ceases to amaze.

The actor we all love to hate stars as a slow learner born with fetal alcohol syndrome. The syndrome complicates his learning as he struggles to grasp concepts fast, just like other students in his class.

Teddy is the son of Zodwa, a character played by Sannah Mchunu, a reformed alcoholic and a thug father, Don Buthelezi. Don was shot at point-blank by Zodwa after having a follow out.

Teddy hopes one day he will have his shot to fame and change his family woes for the better. However, he has been trending off-screen after being a guest to the world’s most controversial and second-largest podcast in the world, Podcast, and Chill with MacG. Despite not being gifted in education, he crazes sports and football commentary.


‘I hope I won’t lose my job,’ Gomora actor Teddy talks about the toxic acting industry
Of interest is that the bubbly actor is younger than we all thought. In recent years several articles have reported that he was born in 1985. Alas, that’s a big lie; he is just 23-years old. However, the celebrated actor mentioned his journey to fame and how it has been like winning big whilst young.

When he auditioned for Ntokozo’s role, the actor had it but was offered Teddy’s character. In the mix of things, he has it that his stay at Gomora hasn’t been rosy. He took a swipe at showrunners when he pointed out that despite having a running contract, writers are the ones who call the shots whether for one to stay or not.

Buthelezi also pulled a shocker when he reviewed that he almost called it quits on Gomora after he had a fallout with some of his fellow casts. He even hoped that he doesn’t lose his job because of the interview.

In the mix of things, he has it that at some point, he was labeled as a diva and someone who talks too much, and this didn’t go well with him. To make matters worse, it somehow strained his working relationship to extend of thinking to dump the show in the eleventh hour.


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