Businesswoman and Royal AM football club owner Shauwn Mkhize and her musician son Andile Mpisane visited legendary musician Zola 7 after his financial problems leaked to the public.

The Durban-based reality TV star shared pictures and videos of her visit on her socials, calling on music fans and the South Africans ‘to do the right thing’ to Zola.

MaMkhize and Andile seemed to enjoy every bit of time they spent with the Don’t Cry hitmaker.

“Spending some much needed time with my brother Zola7. Guys, I want to encourage all of us to do the right thing, especially when it comes to one of our own,” MaMkhize wrote on her Instagram.

The Royal AM president lauded Zola for remaining humble despite changing many people’s lives.

“Zola is an unsung hero who has been a catalyst for change in our society for many years. Let’s not turn a blind eye. #ShowZolaLove.”

Shauwn ended her post by thanking her sister for initiating the Zola visit and paying tribute to her mother for teaching her to love others.

Shauwn Mkhize and Andile Mpisane visit Zola 7 in the wake of his financial problems


“Thank you to my sis @nozipho_ngubo for reminding me of our mother’s lessons of ubuntu…ngiyabonga Khabazela, MaMkhize concluded.

In a separate video, Zola had fun in MaMkhize’s Bentley.

“Hashtag Find Zola, I’m still kidnapped. I’m not complaining because I’m in a Bentley,” Zola said as he tried to engage the luxury vehicle’s drive gear, prompting MaMkhize to direct her to step on the breaking pedal first.

“So guys, Zola told me he has always wanted to drive a Bentley, so I’m giving him love. What’s the story of this kidnapping? Mkhize asked.

Zola 7 - Source: Facebook@mzansiwatch

‘We will take a short drive as we are showing Zola love” I have been telling him that I see myself in him. He is always thinking about others and forgetting about himself. So it’s time we make him our problem that him making us his problems,” Shauwn Mkhize said.

Zola ended the video by asking South Africans to fill up their cars as fuel prices are set to rise tomorrow.”


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