BoKtlhale Boikanyo is a jack of all trades with her hand in many things in the entertainment industry. The energy levels of this actress have been said to be on steroids, and her smile is infectious. The actress has allowed her fans a more intimate look into her life as Botlhale Boikanyo starts her own Youtube channel.

Botlhale Boikanyo has announced through her Instagram that she has started a Youtube channel. She even went on to announce that she had added her first video. The Youtube channel will look into different aspects of her life, and she has promised to share more of her other tips. Since she is more than just an actress and a dancer, poet, and natural hair enthusiast, the content on the channel will cover all that

The channel is called Botlhale’s World, and the first video she uploaded was a question and answered for fans. The actress answered many questions from fans, from education to what she wanted to be growing up. She also addressed how fans have constantly asked her about her boyfriend, so she promised that he would be making frequent appearances on the channel.


Botlhale Boikanyo’s first video on her Youtube channel

Botlhale has been quiet on Scandal these past few months; her fans have been wanting to catch up with the actress. She is now a holder of a degree in Motion Pictures, where she specialized in Producing and Directing. Botlhale hopes that her main job soon will be Producing and Directing. The acting was an acquired passion when she studied drama in High School. She, however, hopes to start doing poetry publicly again.

Boikanyo moved judges to tears on South Africa has Got Talent when she performed her poem Prodigal on the show. She won the tough competition at the tender age of 13 doing poetry. She has won an award for her poem album called Spoken word and music under the category Best Traditional album. This has found her performing at prestigious functions.


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