Mzansi TV show The River star Lunathi Mampofu recently opened up about her near-death experience.
In a video that she shared on Instagram, the actress said she was held at gunpoint while driving.

“I was driving down a street in town, and then I just see a guy pop by and he is walking in front of the car. Within a split second, he came to my window and pulled out the gun so I froze.

“He said if you don’t pull down this window right now I will shoot you. I didn’t want to feel like there was nothing that I could ever be able to do again if I was ever put in that position,” she said.

Lunathi said this experience inspired her to start self defense classes for women. She revealed that fear is one of the challenges that she faces as a black woman and a mother. “ It is not nice to walk out of the house on a daily basis and not know whether you gonna come back. ”

Speaking about helping other women to protect themselves, Lunathi said, “ I started My Defence because I believe in teaching women, youth, and children how to be aware of the world outside there and how to be able to fight and making sure that they understand that they too are capable of standing their grounds. I have been given the opportunity to change people’s lives and I get to do it with love and with passion while I am doing it.”


The actress has partnered with Levis on the “#IShapeMyWorld” movement. She said she is privileged to be part of this movement with the brand.

She added, “ The ‘I Shape My World’ initiative is all about empowering women from all walks of life, and I hope that my story empowers you. All of us get to shape our own world every day, let’s work together in changing it for the better.”

Lunathi has not only been helping women and children to defend themselves, but she has also been helping those in need with food and other necessities. Last year she teamed up with her family and friends to lend a helping hand.


By J Times

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