Hellen Motsuki is a celebrated South African actress best known for her on-screen character on SABC1’s drama series Skeem Saam. In the educational drama series, she stars as Melita, a celebrated tender bidder who knows how to play her cards well. She has won several tenders from Turf University. However, in the mix of things, she had her fall when one of her tenders was won by fans fav Alfios, and since then, it has been drama capped with thrills…

She has the plug and the bling too. No doubt she has fast become that star actress we all love to hate, thanks to her unmatched acting flair. In recent years she has proved to be one of Mzansi’s finest, thanks to her illustrious career spanning decades.

Skeem Saam actress Hellen Motsuki ‘Melita’ - Source: Instagram@hellenbright

However, currently, she is giving John Maputla some hard times. John is even hoping that his wife doesn’t come out of jail because he cant get enough of the bubbly Melita who is showing him flames. Well, in the backdrop of her newfound fame on-screen, Mzansi has been wondering if she is that showy and lavish, just like her on0-screen characters. We have managed to connect the dots and take a dive into her private life.

She has an impressive profile when it comes to acting. She was once part of the star-studded cast of Generations. Of interest is that she has starred in drama series like The Queen and Muvhango before having her final stop at Skeem Saam.

Just like those before her, she lives the life of glitz and glamour to cap her celebrity status. Thanks to her deep pockets, the bubbly actress wears designer clothes that cost Louise Vitton’s to Gucci. She has the plug and bling too. Her soft life has fast become a reality show not only to Mzansi but the world at large.


Judging from her official Instagram account, one can tell she is a passionate traveler and randomly tours the world whenever she gets the time. She has been to several tourist destinations one can ever dream of visiting, from Paris to Dubai.

Skeem Saam actress Hellen Motsuki ‘Melita’ - Source: Instagram@hellenbright
Skeem Saam actress Hellen Motsuki ‘Melita’ – Source: Instagram@hellenbright

Her fleet tells it all she drives some of the finest exotic cars the world can offer but has managed to keep it under wraps.

No doubt the sky is the limit for the Limpopo-born actress who is having his fair share of fame of late, thanks to Skeem Saam and her side hustles that pay well.


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