We recognize Ayanda Ncwane and Desmond Dube from television commercials for the insurance business Clientele.

When asked about the sort of connection they have, they might respond it is healthy and more professional. Ayanda Ncwane, the late Sifiso Ncwane’s widow, has been on every Clientele life cover advertisement. She may have joined Desmond and Lilian Dube as Clientele ambassadors.
They are more than coworkers; they are buddies who work for the same firm and make advertisements together.


These folks are wonderful ambassadors of customer life, and she should be viewed as little more than that. You can observe how much they like their employment by  watching them on TV

In conclusion the comedian Desmond Dube and Ayanda Ncwane are just friends and co-wokers who work for Clientele. They should continue being friends and work together


By J Times

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