Xoli Mfeka, Mzansi’s No. 1 Content Producer.

Xoli Mfeka and Wandi became viral a few weeks ago after fighting for a video, and I know a lot of people were left wondering who these women were, so we found a few answers for you. We discovered that we are dealing with the queen of Mzansi’s entertainment, and she is pleased to be number one.

Xoli Mfeka is by far Mzansi’s most popular creative, and her photographs show it, but who is she really? Those were the issues we wanted answered, and we discovered her website, which was really helpful.


Xoli Mfeka’s true name is Xolisile Mfeka, and he was born in Durban in the township of eMawosi Emmaus. Her birthday is September 3rd, 1993. “I am an Ad#lt Content Producer and Performer,” she says. I began creating ad#lt material in November 2019 by joining Onlyfans, where I was and still am shooting stuff such as n#ked images, movies, and live chat with my subscribers. I launched it as a side income since onlyfans allows subscribers to see the stuff you’ve produced and they pay to do so.”

“As time goes on, people started to screen record my content and shared it with the public, I then took the ad#lt content thing professional, since my content was all on social media, I created Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so I can full post half of my content that will drive people to my Onlyfans profile, and that’s where I started making more revenue from the app. Now I have fully ventured into becoming a p@rnstar, as we don’t have models or actors in this country who are p@rnstars. I am the first p@rnstar in this era to come out in public platforms as fully on verified p@rnstar…”


By J Times

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