Cedric Fourie is a South African actor and headlines buzzer famous for his incredible Skeem Saam Soapie drama popular known as Lehasa Maphosa. He has the looks and his muscular body leaves a lot to desire.

He’s one of the Hottest guys that every girl would kill to date. Mzansi has been saying that Lehasa’s day is coming soon. After what he did to Fani Mzansi believes that Eunice will be the one to send him straight to jail.

Fans have been saying the reason why he has not been caught is because of his charm. As They believe that he uses his charm to fool everyone even the police can’t touch him.

Lehasa is the luckiest actor in the country no way. Lehasa is the first man to play happy family with 3 different ladies in one year. He has been getting all girls who are coming to Skeem Saam.

Detective Babeile has been in the industry but we have not seen him with any woman. Mzansi has been saying that Lehasa’s will not last in the industry in SkeemSaam as Eunice and Emkay will stop all nonsense.


Lehasa has moved from Nothile to Khwezi in a short space of time. First, it was Sonti, Then Lelo, Then Candice, then Pretty, Then Nothile, Now Khwezi! I don’t think I’ve ever kissed that many pretty women.

Lehasa is the proof that in a battle between good VS evil, evil always wins. Lehasa is gona ask every girl he sleeps with to move in wth him? I thought Lehasa had stopped playing around with girl’s… clearly he doesn’t deserve Nothile.

It’s pity he took two girls who were dating Kat, Candice, and Pretty. Kat never had a good hand when it comes to picking girls, all he ever dated ended up in Lehasa’s arms.
There’s this picture that mzansi could not help but gush.

Apparently, Lehasa was spotted with Khwezi and Pretty with the same caption. Same script different cast.
Mzansi could not help but gush over these two pictures. It has been a debate on who us the perfect lady for Lehasa.


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