Wanda Zuma, who portrays Nkosi Zwide on House of Zwide, and Shalate Sekhabi, who plays Shoki, left fans in awe after Wanda uploaded photos of the two at the SAFTA awards a few days ago. The onscreen duo always gave viewers the impression that they may date in real life since their chemistry on and offscreen is out of this world.

Since their appearance on House of Zwide, social media has been trying to figure out if the two are dating in real life; so yet, there has been no proof. I believe Nkosi and Shoki are doing this on purpose, publishing images and making music videos together so that people will continue to conjure up stories about them.

Despite the show’s realistic depiction of their love relationship, it’s vital to discern between the fictitious storyline and the performers’ personal lives. Actors frequently use their abilities and talents to bring characters to life and create realistic interactions onscreen. Their personal connections and dynamics, however, are separate from the roles they portray.


In the instances of Nkosi and Shoki, the actors who play them h

ave lives outside of the House of Zwide set. Outside of their professional efforts, they may have their own personal hobbies, connections, and obligations. While their onscreen chemistry may have captured spectators, it does not necessarily suggest that they are in a real-life love relationship.

Celebrity gossip and rumours must be approached with caution, as conjecture and hearsay may rapidly propagate falsehoods. To determine the nature of their personal ties, it is best to depend on credible sources and formal comments from the persons concerned. It would be premature to draw that conclusion unless solid information or confirmation is supplied.


By J Times

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