Ayanda Ncwane originally came to public attention as the late gospel star Sfiso Ncwane’s wife. She is, however, best known as the popular reality star from the first season of the successful Showmax reality show The Real Housewives of Durban.

Nevertheless, after her problematic season in which she was put with Sfiso’s purported “other lady,” Nonku Williams, and the ensuing drama, Ayanda did not return for the second or most recent third seasons.

But it didn’t mean the affluent reality star and entrepreneur wasn’t making money at the time. This is due to her ownership of Ncwane Communications. The management business for the gospel all-male group Abathandwa. A communications organization that arranges gospel events.

Ayanda appears to be ready to go out once more, as she just discussed her new spiritual journey. Ayanda Ncwan has accepted her vocation. Ayanda Ncwane’s final Instagram post before her recent return was when she uploaded photographs from her business class overseas journey to Paris, France. She has not shared any further postings since then, which was in April 2023. This was until she returned to social media, where she described, very tearfully, how her life is changing. She mentions needing to embrace her calling in an Instagram post.

This is not to be confused with a traditional healing vocation. Instead, this was a call to “serve” God and the mission He has given her.
Ayanda describes her near-death experience in April 2023, when she was summoned by God to embrace her calling or perish.


She reveals that she has been aware of the calling for some years. Yet she had never embraced it until it came down to it or die.


As a result, she made it the official first video on her YouTube account. With the overlaying music making it difficult to listen, it may be impossible to watch the full 25 minutes and some seconds.

As a result, it is difficult to predict what will happen next. Nonetheless, it appears that Ayanda is planning to create a congregation of some kind in order to convey her “testimonies.”


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