Shauwn Mkhize, a South African reality TV personality and entrepreneur known as “MaMkhize,” has generated dark rumours with her recent appearance. Moreover, many are associating the Royal AM leader to the “Iluma nathi,” a hidden club.

MaMkhize offered a bold outfit on her birthday on Instagram. The soccer leader was dressed all in red, including a red latex outfit, a long red wig and red gloves.

A second frame showed Andile Mpisane’s mother being photoshopped into what seemed to be flames.

“Long may the flame burn that puts my soul on fire,” she captioned the photo. “To another voyage around the sun.”


MaMkhize’s style comes months after similar looks were worn by celebrities such as Doja Cat at Paris Fashion Week, Sam Smith at the Grammys, and Rihanna at the Super Bowl.

While several of her celebrity pals praised her high-fashion style, others were sceptical.

Others even claimed the image had “Iluma nahti iconography” and was “satanic.”


By J Times

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