Uncle Waffles has had the fastest rising career in a long time, and her fame just blew up. Fans all over the world want a piece of her action. The international DJ’s influence has grown substantially, and it’s normal for all that fame to come with fans that look up to her and young fans who have a crush on her. This was the case with a young man who got captured on camera trying to get Uncle Waffles’ attention and proposing to her.

In the video shared on Twitter, a high school boy kneeled like a man who wanted to propose as he called out to Uncle Waffles. The DJ, walking from the car, turned around and showed an expression of amazement before shyly going over to the boy. She accepted whatever was in his hand before greeting him, and both of them shyly walked away to the screams of many school children.


Watch the video of Uncle Waffles’ proposal below:



By J Times

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