South African actor Nathaniel Ramabulana has inspired many people with the story of his humble beginnings and how he has now become one of the most respected actors in Mzansi’s acting industry. He has held the role of Tendamudzimu in Muvhango for several years now, and people recognize him the most for it. Tenda has several relationships in the drama series but has finally settled with his wife Mpho and their blended family.

Tenda wears many faces to different people in every aspect of his life, and it’s almost hard for people to reconcile those sides to be of the same man. At work, he is a ruthless businessman who gets everything done and uses unconventional methods to get business deals. Tenda quickly becomes murderous if anyone crosses him, especially concerning his family and business deals.

Nathaniel Ramabulana in Muvhango

Recently Tenda hosted a birthday party for his daughter, and when his former friend James Motsamai and his family arrived, he went from loving dad to protective man instantly. With the two families’ history, especially James’ mother having kidnapped Tenda’s child, he felt uncomfortable welcoming the whole family into his home. However, their wives have called a truce and are trying to find ways to get their men to talk, which may succeed or end with one of the two dead.


For his role as Tenda, Ramabulana gets paid handsomely every month by Word of Mouth. The actor is rumoured to be paid R45 000 every month for the part, depending on the number of scenes he gets featured in that month. Having been on many productions before bothering local and international, Nathaniel has a lot of experience in the acting industry, making show producers value his work immensely.

Nathaniel Ramabulana

Nathaniel rose to fame with his role as Blessing on the comedy sitcom Askies back in 2009 before playing Khumo in The Wild. Nathaniel has become a sought-out talent with a well-decorated portfolio of cameo appearances and minor roles in most primetime dramas. This also landed him roles in films like Blood Diamond and The Crossing that got international recognition. The actor fluent in five languages makes it look easy to switch characters and get a lot of roles in South Africa.


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