South African actress Azwi Rambuda takes on the role of Mpho from Muvhango with so much ease and has gained popularity because of it. The actress plays a woman who was once one of Azwindini’s many wives as she also comes from a royal family. However, she later left the chief for her true love Tendamudzimu a decision she sometimes regrets because of her husband’s bad deeds.

Mpho has faced many ups and downs with her secret child, whom she had told was her sister and her second child, who was kidnapped in hospital. She then received a calling from her ancestors to be a healer, which she took time to answer to but finally did. Her family is recovering from all the drama they have gone through in the past, and despite having problems with other people, they are happy as a family.

Azwi Rambuda with Shudufadz in Muvhango


Rambuda, the actress who takes on the role of Mpho, is a married woman in real life, and she is a devoted Christian. Her husband’s name is Lucky Litelu, and he is an active member of the Alleluia Ministries International congregation who usually takes to the pulpit to share the word of God. The two have been together for many years and already have two children, but they recently took the plunge and had their white wedding.


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