Nonku Williams has been making fun of her birthday, The Durban Real Housewife packed up her entire family and moved to Cape Town, where she painted everything white.

She offered us a glimpse of her pre-birthday celebration meal in which her daughter dined with Sfiso Ncwane, Nothile, and her pals after posting a video of her arrival in Cape Town and informing her followers that it will be a fun-filled weekend.

Nonku looked like she was getting married in white shorts and a top draped in white lace.
She invited everyone to wake up and wish her a happy birthday while getting her makeup done.
It’s very clear that the woman is taking this milestone very seriously before she took a ride on a Yacht.

Her colleagues from RHOD have all wished her a happy 43rd.

Williams posted a photo of a poster where she will be dancing the night away.
The poster lets us know that it’s going to be a Ballers night featuring musicians Basil and Eltonnick.


The party continued throughout the night at Ayepyep Lifestyle in Cape Town.

The cake was obviously custom-made and shaped into a Loui Vitton bag with pink highlights.
She was dressed to the nines and she wasn’t compromising her white theme.
The Real Housewife of Durban was wearing a white jumpsuit and draped in a boy of white lace. Nonku turned her birthday into a weekend of celebrations.

Williams is one of the breakout stars in the Real Housewives of Durban and she doesn’t come without her own controversy. It was revealed in the show that she shares a child with Sfiso Ncwane the late husband of Ayanda Ncwane and things turned ugly very soon after that and Ayanda ended up exiting the Real Housewives and didn’t return for season 2, where Nonku continued to bring on the controversy.

This has certainly turned her into a household name and an influencer.


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