The man who hunts cheaters on Uyajola 99 presenter Jub Jub, is alleged to have been caught cheating on mystery wife Zenith Mia.

The shocking revelation hit the streets of social media after screenshots of images and conversations of a mysterious person who accuses Molemo Maarohanye.

The Uyajola 99 presenter is accused of cheating after pictures of him and a woman wearing the pink matching outfit, circulated on social media.

“The fiancée of television presenter and former convict Molemo “Jub Jub,” Maarohanye says he has been cheating on her and using her for money.” read a tweet on Sowetan.

The truth behind the story is yet to be revealed whether the woman in the pictures is a girlfriend or id his wife who has for a long time shied away from the camera and paparazzi.


Nobody has seen Jub Jubs wife, apart from a picture which indicates she is a white brunet.

The presenter has not responded to the allegation and Moja Love has not responded and has not shared how the accusation may affect the show since its return to the screens.

It is also not known if this is just a media stunt to introduce his wife to the public as they seem cozy and aware of the pictures being taken.


By J Times

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