After being accused of the same crime that nearly derailed his career, the illustrious actor finds himself back in the middle of the controversy.

The actor who previously starred in Generations has ruined his reputation by not living up to higher expectations for himself and by being overbearing toward women.

There have been multiple allegations that Mangaliso Ngema has raped female coworkers or customers, and as a result, some people have called for a boycott of any television show that contains him. The previous year, he decided to step down from his position as the main character in the SABC 1 television series Family Secrets.

In light of the claims of sexual assault, this follows. Now he is being accused of the very same thing, but this time the accusations are coming from Queen Ngema, who is her own sister. This makes the situation far direr. An entertainment pundit by the name of Musa Khawula started a conversation on Twitter about how Queen alleged that Mangaliso, her own brother, had sexually assaulted her.

Queen asserts that her brother sexually assaulted her and multiple times tried to hush her up about the incident. She asserts that she has lodged a complaint against Mangaliso and that she is presently hiding out in a secure area.

According to Queen, the alleged assault took place while Mangaliso’s wife was out of the country.
She claims that the numerous allegations of rape date back more than a decade.


Ngema shared that she had been in a vehicle accident that took the life of her child, and that Mangaliso had provided her a place to stay while she recovered from her injuries; nevertheless, he took advantage of her.

According to her account, the first event took place one month after she moved into the house.

According to Queen Ngema, she was forced to flee for fear of her own life as well as the lives of her children since Mangaliso is still employing his influence to ensure that the matter is forgotten.

On the other hand, Queen now possesses the bravery to proclaim that she would no longer keep quiet about the situation.


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