Muvhango soapies seem to be disappointing viewers more than what is expected. It’s supposed to entertain them not to give them problems. The cast is currently celebrating twenty-five years of being on air but viewers are already calling for the SABC to remove it. Over the past twenty-five years, many people used to be impressed by the content that they were being served and it was said that writers were doing a good job. It seems like now things have taken an unexpected turn as viewers are no longer impressed.

They are no longer happy with the content that they are being served and they have been complaining for a long time. This is because the cast has been portraying the act of witchcraft giving people ideas about practicing such. Some of the scenes that are being portrayed are full of acts of black magic. To the viewers, it feels like the cast is promoting witchcraft and it’s wrong. On the other side, they are saying the cast is promoting the abuse of women by their husbands.

Many of the scenes portray women as less powerful and make it look like women deserve to be abused. Currently, Bukamina Fanele is acting double character, and viewers are really not pleased with that. They are saying writers are writing useless storylines that no longer please them. This has made people come to a decision of getting Muvhango being removed from being on air.


They believe another cast should be given a chance to entertain the public as Muvhango is continuing to disappoint them. It is their duty as writers to make sure that viewers are pleased and if they do not work on this they might end up losing more viewers because of this. What is your take on this matter? Share your views in the comment section and follow for more news.


By J Times

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