What type of concoction is this, now! BBMzansi’s Venus has shown us the reason why people don’t eat ready-prepared food at events or elsewhere.

When we thought we had seen all the kitchen-related drama in Biggie’s house then BOOM there goes Themba’s kissing mate with the weirdest stunt. So… it was Venus’s turn to cook and as usual, she rocked a mini dress.

She was tasked to prepare some Rotti for the housemates. Well, she did just add as she gathered her pans, mixed flour, and gathered some funny spices. As she got those spices Biggie’s camera captured her.

Can you guess where she got the spices from? Well, disgusting enough it was from her backside. She pocked her backside and then smelled her fingers before going back to kneading the dough. She then went on to poke her nose. You don’t believe it right? Here’s the proof below:



By J Times

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