After reports claimed that Tbo Touch would be rejoining Metro FM for a salary that is close to half a million, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) reportedly rubbished those claims and said any freelancer would not earn a salary that is close to R200K. This is according to The Citizen who shared a statement by the broadcaster.

Taking to the Metro FM website, the SABC released a short statement refuting claims that they would be paying Tbo Touch that amount on a monthly basis and added that they do not pay for car allowances and other benefits, especially for freelancers.

“The public broadcaster rejects this deliberate misinformation as it is misleading and factually incorrect. The SABC’s GCEO does not get involved in lineup negotiations, as that is the job of program managers and business managers. In addition, the SABC does not pay car allowances and other fringe benefits to freelancers.

“Lastly independent contractors do not get involved in soliciting sales and sponsorship, as the SABC does not have a commission scheme that covers individuals outside of Sales staff,” reads the statement.

The R480K alleged salary increase would have been a one hundred percent increase, as his salary close to seven years ago was apparently R200k.

Daily Sun reported that a close source told them that Touch touch will be joining the station in April. “He will be part of the new line-up changes that the station will be making in the new radio financial. He is excited to be back at home.”


Even though his salary was denied, listeners can anticipate his return in a few coming weeks and enjoy his American accent.

In his interview with MacG, Tbo Touch said the accent started in high school where the kids in his school, mocked his accent saying they could not understand him.

“Do you know how difficult it is when you are in high school and all your friends are like ‘what are you saying?’ All of your friends in high school and I’m not talking about university, high school. And then they would ask each other, ‘what did he just say?”

“There’s this exhaustion that comes with time to say these guys don’t hear me…I’m going to try my best for them to hear me. Unfortunately it became slightly permanent.”

Then he exposed the podcast for censoring his interview. “My interview on #PodcastandChillWithMacG was censored and edited. I guess the Tbo Touch story will always be distorted. I will tell the rest of the story when the time is right! Big S/O to Mac & Sol for the recovery.”


By J Times

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