Ayanda Daweti made his debut as an actor on our screens, and his first role made him a household name in Mzansi entertainment circles. Many people who see his performance in Scandal as Chumani would never guess that it’s his first role as an actor. The actor is already an Award winner whilst his career is still in its early stages.

Ayanda Daweti joins the Gomora cast as Sizwe, a young and ambitious car wash owner and reserved boyfriend of Gugu –the role played by Velile Makhoba. He debuted Gomora screens accompanying his girlfriend to Phumlani and Thathi’s house.

Ayanda Daweti

Ayanda Daweti, who debuted Gomora screens, has been in eTV’s Scandal for several years now, playing the role of Chumani. The actor plays a spoilt brat from a wealthy family that looks perfect to the outside world. He inherited a lot of wealth from his father, and he runs a media company that employs a lot of people.


However, Chumani’s life is not all rosy, and he faces a lot of transgressions. The biggest one of his problems is his late mother. However, his mother’s lies and manipulative ways led to her downfall after confessing to having killed her son-in-law. Chumani’s life looks like it has caught a break from his mother’s conniving methods to get her selfish way

Ayanda Daweti is also a musician

His role in Scandal opened opportunity doors for Ayanda Daweti as an actor. He landed a role in Okea Molao, which led him to win his first award, a Golden Horn for Best TV movie made. Recently he has also landed a role in Surviving Gaza playing the role of Titus. He announced the gig last week on his Instagram.

Besides his roles in the entertainment industry, the actor is not qualified, and his talent is natural not taught. He is a graduate of the Tshwane University of Technology with a degree in Information and Technology. He is also into fashion and owns a clothing line of his own, and is a musician who goes by the stage name Tuckshop Bafana.


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