Rea and Isaac visited Molefe at the holding cells, and he was adamant about his innocence. Isaac told Rea he didn’t believe Molefe would steal. He also offered to call an old contact that could potentially remove Molefe from that mess.

Nomsa was trying to call Molefe, and she had no idea her bae was in jail. Zanele was upset as Dorothy was no longer in the Zwide Home. She ranted about it until she pissed Funani off.

Isaac and Rea went to the Zwide mansion and made a revelation that Molefe and Dorothy are a couple. It turns out the Zwide’s are the contact Isaac was talking about. Funani, however, disappointed them by refusing to adhere to their plea.

Pearl expressed to Laz that she was sad over him leaving the House of Zwide business. He promised, however, that he wouldn’t leave before things settled in the company.

Ona explained the chain of events that transpired before Molefe’s arrest. Nomsa found out from Ona that Molefe was in on this with his other girlfriend, Dorothy.

Nkosi told his parents the insurance would cover all the losses. Funani was raging over Dorothy’s betrayal, and he’s also not willing to drop the charges. He wants justice to prevail.


Laz’s friend tried to get him on a plane to make his huge career move. His friend, however, eased him with words speaking about flying solo and spreading his wings.

Ona was worried about Molefe, and she ranted about it to her parents. Rea, Ona, and Isaac prayed for Molefe’s protection, and well, Isaac’s emotions on the matter were written all over his face.

Isaac called Faith, and they argued about the matter. He emphasized that they can’t let them go down for their crime. Faith told Isaac they didn’t have a choice. They concluded that they’d try getting Molefe and Dorothy out of their mess, although it won’t be easy.

Laz and Funani had a conversation and he told Funani he had to leave urgently. He told him he was not trustworthy and told him to go and follow his dreams. Funani felt betrayed, both Dorothy and Laz left him feeling unwanted and vulnerable.


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