Philani is making his name known all over. Firstly, the Holy House debacle ended in flames, as we all know by now. He and Oby have taken Thembeka out of the equation entirely by pinning Mbali’s kidnapping and the death of some of the brainwashed Holly House disciples on her. They sealed the deal by silencing her after dealing her pills for poisonous ones. Thembeka has been in a coma since she took those pills.

Philani goes after a serial killer on Generations: The Legacy

In the newly released highlights video, Philani and Oby are still trying to end loose ends as far as the Holly House is concerned. Oby thinks she should be killed, but Philani makes her understand that it’s not a good idea because Thembeka is still in a coma.


He feels that the police will smell a rat. Their plan to kill Mbali in the Holly House flames failed last week, and they have been trying to contain her since then. Mbali knows too much, and Oby needs to ensure she doesn’t spill the beans.


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