Sizwe and Lizwe Khumbuza

What many didn’t know is that Sizwe has an identical twin. Most have a difficult time telling them apart even their own family they always confuse the two. His twin’s name is Lizwe Khumbuza and he is an actor and singer as well. “We are one person. It is funny how people close to us fail to identify us.

Sometimes they call me Lizwe and call Lizwe by my name. They are only assisted by the tattoo on my arm. But when I am in a long sleeve top, they cannot see it,” the actor admitted.

Phumeza and Phumzile From Durban Gen

If you like Phumeza from Durban Gen then we have some good news, the actress has an identical twin. Her character is becoming a fan favorite and although she hangs around the wrong crowd, her sweet aura always stands out.

Phumeza has not been at her best for some time as a dark cloud hovers around her. Weighed down by a dark secret, she is on the verge of losing her job.

Resorting to binge drinking, Phumeza finally confesses to swapping her sister’s baby for a dead one.


Her intentions are pure as she wanted to bless the couple in need of a child. Besides her sister already had seven kids that she does not care about.

Innocent and Millicent Sadiki

Skeem Saam Sthoko Actress And Her Twin… They’re Hard To Tell Apart!
Seeing double? Us too!

We’re absolutely sure actress, Innocent Sadiki and her twin sister Millicent Mashile, loved playing ‘fooled ya!” with people when they were younger.

Kgante these girls are so hard to tell apart, especially when they dress the same and rock the same hairstyles.
Innocent Sadiki and her twin Millicent Mashile are definitely identical twins in every way that matters, they even have the same smiles, this is not a drill!

The girls are also in the same profession and they work together a lot, just like they love twinning together!


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