Ever since his first appearance on Scandal as Dr. Mugari, Jerome Galiao has been stealing the show and many ladies’ hearts. The good-looking actor has had people wondering about his private life and the work he has done before. Let’s look at Jerome Galiao’s business empire and how he makes a living as an entertainer.

In October 2021, Jerome took to his Instagram to announce that he had landed a role on the ETV drama series Scandal with a lot of excitement. The actor talked about how they had wanted a foreigner for a doctor’s part, and he got it in a pool of many foreign nationals who auditioned. The show producers allowed him to speak his first language, Shona, as he is from Zimbabwe.

Jerome Galiao

Last week the actor made his first appearance on the show with a Debut being when he entered Q’s lounge wanting to order coffee but ended up helping in a medical emergency. The dreamy doctor does not only save the day, but he also charms one particular lady Hlengiwe.

Even though Scandal is his most significant role to date, Jerome has been in several prominent drama series. The actor has been in Ferguson Films’ The Queen, which he says was the most exciting role of his career so far as he got to shoot a gun on set. He also has a role in Housewives, but it is a minor role, and the one he has in Scandal is the most prominent role and most significant one he has landed up to date. Jerome has been featured in shows like Umlilo, Gomora, and Zabalaza, where his roles were usually guest roles.


His career on Television did not start recently, though he started when he was still living in Zimbabwe full time. Jerome began to as a presenter on a youth show called Youth.com, which aired on Zimbabwe TV. He then branched out into acting on a Zimbabwean drama series called Estate Blues. After that, he decided to move to South Africa and further his acting career and search for greener pastures.

Jerome Galiao-Image Source(Instagram/Jerome Galiao)

Besides being an actor, Jerome Galiao also doubles up as a model. His modeling days started when he was working at Youth.com. The actor models for fashion houses and gets many photoshoots that he posts on his Instagram. He is also a devoted father and is always s posting videos of the two of them playing and goofing around.

Jerome Galiao’s body does not come without much work as he trains regularly. He also rents out his expertise in the field as he works as a personal trainer. Jerome posts his work on his Instagram to advertise it together with his training videos.


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