Mzansi social media fans are concerned about Slik Talk’s whereabouts since he has not posted since his R100,000 boxing battle Cassper Nyovest pounded the crap out of the YouTuber during their Fame versus Clout boxing match and he has not posted since then. Concerned citizens have requested that Mufasa locate Slik Talk and apologize to him for knocking him out so that he can resume blogging.

Slik Talk is now popular on social media. People are worried about his lack of activity following his boxing encounter with Cassper Nyovest. Since Mufasa beat him in their Fame versus Clout duel, the YouTuber hasn’t released any videos.


Cassper gave him R100,000 after the fight, and he fled. Slik used to post short YouTube videos in which he mocked Mzansi celebrities. He used to say a lot about the rapper before dragging him into the ring and knocking him out.

On Friday, February 4th, many turned to Twitter to inquire as to what had happened to Slik. Some joked that Cassper Nyovest should go find the YouTuber and apologize so he could return to social media.


By J Times

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