Azwimmbavhi Rambuda Litelu, who plays Mpho in the SABC2 serial series Muvhango, adores her family; she seldom spends a day without mentioning her husband and child on Instagram.

She revealed images of her love life and child on Instagram, all of them looking pleasant and happy as a family. As she said a few months ago, the Muvhango actress is eternally grateful to God for gifting her with such a lovely spouse and God-fearing companion. Lucky, the founder and CEO of ICRD Group Holdings, is Azwimmbavhi’s husband. They share a two-year-old kid named Lesedi.

Mr. and Mrs. Litelu is a combined Instagram account where the two lovebirds share their amazing love tales. “On the very first day we met, you mentioned you’d like to collaborate with me,” the actress wrote a few months ago. I didn’t get it. It seemed ludicrous to me because we had just recently met. Yet you had caught the revelation, spouse. You knew deep down that God’s purpose was for a man and a woman to work together.


“I would like to remind you of that day and that very moment. Remember it? Yeah, I see you smiling. As your birthday ends, I’d like to remind you that I will hold your hand every step of the way. We’ve walked in different seasons together, and we stood. Not because of our wisdom, but because of God who orchestrated that we be one. Ntate Litelu, I love you. Like our father always says, ‘to the moon and back again’. Together for life.”

Fans were left dumbfounded by the kind statement. The two are a wonderful example of a caring and gorgeous family, and their Instagram account will make you happy.


By J Times

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