Maake kaNcube and his wife Pearl are apparently going through some marital difficulties. According to Zimoja, the expected lobola discussions at Pearl’s house in Soweto were marred by Sello’s family’s noticeable absence.

Pearl opted to stay enigmatic about the incident in an interview with News24, saying, “People will always think what they want.” She didn’t say much, but she implied that the truth will ultimately come to light.

Curiously, Pearl and Sello are presently involved in rehearsals for a play named ‘Nothing But The Truth,’ which is set to premiere on 4 October at Theatre on Square in Sandton.


This isn’t the first time the couple’s connection has come to light. Their huge age gap had previously prompted debates, with Pearl in her early 40s and Sello in his 60s. They have, nevertheless, continuously proclaimed their love and devotion to one another.

They will celebrate their second anniversary in October 2022. Sello rushed to Instagram to show his love for his wife, addressing her as “Mrs Maake kaNcube.” Pearl responded with a meaningful anniversary greeting for her husband, praising him for his contribution to their marriage. “I have seen you become my husband each day, and each day you became my husband despite all obstacles,” she wrote, following a sequence of images like Sello’s.


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