The story of one of South Africa’s largest criminal escapes continues to unfold.

New information suggests that convicted rapist and murderer Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha Magudumana may have fled to Zimbabwe, adding to the already shocking revelations.

The two criminal lovebirds are on the run after GroundUp recently yanked their cover. Thabo Bester fled from jail after faking his death in May 2022 and stayed with celebrity doctor Nandipha, living luxuriously and renting five lavish mansions in Johannesburg. So what happened prior to the wealthy life?

During the intricately organised Mangaung Maximum Prison breach, Thabo Bester’s Zimbabwean jail smugglers attempted to slip him into the neighbouring nation, according to IOL.

The gang fired gunfire at soldiers at the Beitbridge Border Checkpoint before shaking them off. Bester and his crew ran into Zimbabwe on foot after the firefight, with one of them injured.

They took refuge in the neighbouring nation with the intention of returning to South Africa, where he finally reconnected with the once-adored socialite Doctor Nandipha. Now fresh intelligence suggests that Zimbabwe may be the fugitives’ next safe haven.


The Citizen has access to recordings that show how the very innocent-looking Doctor Nandipha abandoned a new automobile in Zimbabwe on January 17.

Dr. Nandipha reveals to private detectives from the vehicle dealership in the two-month-old footage that she failed to return the bill. She paid R1.35 million for the Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 in 2022, and the private investigator tracked it down to Zimbabwe.

She admitted that a partner was responsible for the car’s repayment but declined to name him when questioned if it was her spouse. Thabo Bester’s cover was still intact at the time.

According to reports, the dealership has recordings of Dr. Nandipha passing the Beitbridge Border Checkpoint into Zimbabwe.
When border inspectors noticed the Merc had fake Zimbabwean licence plates, they got suspicious. Dr. Nandipha then shrugged off the border guards and rushed back into South Africa on foot.

The car was confiscated by officials, who said it would only be freed after a payment of US$80000 (R1.4 million).

Might Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha’s infatuation with Zimbabwe give clues to their present whereabouts, or is it simply another ruse to elude the police? Only time will tell.


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