Dakalo Gift Molope, who made her e.tv debut as Dintle Nyathi’s long-lost daughter Motshabi Martins on Scandal! in May, recently told out about combining acting and being a sangoma at the age of 16.

Also better known as ScandalMotshabi !’s Martins, stated that her life altered eight months ago when she was required to attend initiation school and become a sangoma.

The rising singer also confessed that she had turned 16 and had to accept that she was not like other teens.


She also states that she has always been aware that she is unique and that she now goes by the name Mkhulu Phahla Metsing.
Molope is also pleased to honor her great-grandfather and has agreed to take on the responsibility because of everything he has done for her.

“Everything I’ve earned in life has been because of him, so honoring him is something I can do every day, and I don’t mind going through this road respecting him, and I feel so delighted serving him.”


By J Times

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