Sbu and Njeza were brought into the prison warden’s office, and we thought they were about to be thrown into the darkest hole with new charges. Instead, the guys walked into their freedom.
The warden handed them their release forms.

The two looked as dumbfounded as everyone; this wasn’t it because of all the things we expected to happen.

Nonka, Lily and MaDongwe found their home open, which means Njeza is already home.

We see the guys being delivered in an unknown area on Friday’s episode, and a police officer tells them to get out.

Someone with a lot of connections is making things happen here. The question is, who and why?

Orange Overalls for who!? Ke Freedom Day ya di Bosso
Orange Overalls for who!? Ke Freedom Day ya di Bosso. Image: Twitter/Uzalo

Let’s go through some of the possibilities.


1. Sibonelo

He pulled some serious strings. It’s possible that he helped the guys get out of jail. When Hlela went back to tell him that she couldn’t see Sbu when she visited him, Sibonelo did not act worried at all, even when he thought their plan to escape had failed. He just told her to focus on her work and distress, and now for a man who used so much money and energy to get these two out, he is strangely calm.

2. Vika Magwaza
Vika is looking for people who will help him take down Nkunzi. He might know Sbu hates Nkunzi for betraying him. Nkunzi didn’t keep his promise of getting him out of prison in three months.

Njeza is in jail for beating up Nosipho, and Nkunzi paid off inmates to torture him while in there. Njeza knows this because he beat up one of his torturers, and then when the guy’s phone rang, Nkunzi was on the other end.

Vika, as we saw, is a well-connected man. He was released from prison in ways that even Mondli is still trying to understand.

The mystery is fascinating, and we can only wait to see it unfold.


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