f you’re an avid watcher of the eTV medical soapie Durban Gen, you’ll ask yourself if you see doubles. Well, no, you aren’t. Durban Gen’s newest cast member is Tshidi Makile’s actual birth twin, Tsidiso Makile. Tsidiso came into the screen acting as a character named Phumzile, the twin of Phumeza. Here is where Durban Gen got their fans.

A lot of viewers had the assumption that actress Tsidi was playing both characters. Initially, it seemed as if Phumeza was living a double life. Bills suddenly piled up in her marriage. Her husband assumed she was overspending after some time; viewers saw Phumeza genuinely upset and crying over what was happening in her life as she also didn’t understand.

After some time, we realized it’s two characters on the show and not one person. In the industry of television and film, one person playing two characters is not new at all. We saw this when the character Themba from Ses’Top La played himself and his sister Jumaima simultaneously. In the Madea franchise by Tyler Perry, the American actor plays both himself and his aunt Madea.

Phumeza’s husband took Calvin out for lunch, but his card declined when it was time to pay. After the car got towed and debt collectors raided their home, the former detective did research. Phumzile was seen on surveillance footage shopping until she dropped. Phumeza had no idea she had a twin at the time, but she tried reassuring her husband it wasn’t her. When Phumeza was reflecting, she cried and assumed she sleepwalks sometimes.


Phumeza and Phumzile stun fans as they appear together for the first time on Durban Gen
Phumeza and Phumzile stun fans as they appear together for the first time on Durban Gen. Image: Instagram/tsidimakitle

Phumzile was seen in public with a man getting cozy by Calvin. Calvin went up to her and asked why she cheated on her husband. Phumzile harshly brushed him off. Her husband had a similar experience too.

Phumzile got admitted to Durban Gen hospital. Her husband tried speaking to her, but she was so rude. In disbelief, her husband asked why she talked to him like that. Out of the blue, the real Phumeza showed up in the ward and fainted when she saw her identical twin.

Mzansi loves the drama and the new evil twin. Fans of the show will stay glued to their screens to see how the twins were separated from birth.


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