It looks like Uzalo’s main actor Nkunziebomvu Mhlongo might be exiting the prime-time drama series.

An inside source who spoke on condition of anonymity told IndAfrica that the actor whose real name is Masoja Msiza is on his way out of the telenovela.

‘He has been on the show for a while now and it’s time for him to spread his wings into other avenues as an actor. He doesn’t want to limit himself or clip his wings,” said the source.

In the telenovela, Nkunzi is a well known and most feared crime Lord from Kwamashu but he is losing his luster.


Many enemies have come through and tried to take his reign down but have failed.

This time around a young and very energetic criminal by the name of Vikizitha, is determined to take him down and he will surely do.

As an actor on Uzalo his reign was characterized with lots of killings, betrayal and hijackings. He was also king of women as he knew his way around take control of women.


By J Times

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