Scandal has a new cast member who will spice up the stories, according to the famous entertainment website on Twitter. Scandal is now one of the top soap operas, and viewers appreciate the way the authors craft their plots, which are quick and interesting.

Stevel Marc, an international model and actress, had a recurring role as Sanka Myrie in etvScandal. Sanka’s involvement in the Affair will upend the plot, producing problems in Mdala and Thlogi’s marriage.


Stevel Marc is 39 years old as of 2022, having been born on August 16, 1983 in Jamaica. Jasmine Williams and Calton McDonald, his parents, reared him in Portland, Jamaica. It is uncertain if he returned to South Africa with his parents.

There is no information on whether or whether he has children. A man his age may have children, but he keeps them quiet. He once stated having a girlfriend, however it is unknown if he is still with her. His girlfriend, interestingly, pushed him to publish a book. ‘The Refines Player: Sex, Lies, and Dates’ is the title of the book. He is a photographer as well as an actor, and his firm is named Stevel Marc Photography.


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