Beachgoers in Richards Bay were perplexed when a Range Rover driver put on a show by driving erratically through the water before ending up with a half-submerged SUV.
Two videos of the event have been circulating on social media since New Year’s Day, according to reports.

The first video shows a Range Rover driving down the sea’s edge, with groups of people cheering him on from the water and the beach.
Two passengers can be seen waiving their hands out the Range Rover’s sunroof.

In the second video, a woman shows how the vehicle ended up partially submerged.


She says: “Current situation in Richards Bay … Let’s just swim with our cars. This is so sad.”

“This is the reason I don’t do beaches nowadays,” said one Twitter user.

Another said: “We drink too much sometimes, let’s be responsible as Africans.”


By J Times

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