DJ Zinhle, Africa’s number one female DJ, shared Murdah Bongz’s babysitting video on her Instagram stories, dividing social media.

Yes, drama after drama, and it appeared that whatever DJ Zinhle and Murdah were doing was capturing the attention of viewers.

Murdah Bongz became upset a few days ago and sobbed on stage, leading fans to believe he is going through a difficult time at home.

Some argued it was normal with music, but the problem was exacerbated when DJ Zinhle mentioned missing AKA on her Instagram stories.


Several admirers accused her of disrespecting her spouse, and the babysitting video exacerbated the situation.

Within a few hours after DJ Zinhle posted the video, it was going viral on Facebook and Twitter. Several admirers felt sorry for Murdah Bongz and believed he needed to be saved. Several backed up the theory, stating things that were difficult to stomach.

Other admirers, on the other side, recognized the positive in Murdah Bongz’s babysitting video.  These supporters observed him interacting with his children, which was positive.

They even complimented him on his exceptional fathering abilities, which only a few men possess. The discussion has persisted, and it does not appear to be ending anytime soon. Murdah Bongz’s babysitting video is below, with some followers thinking he needs to be saved.


By J Times

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