The Sizokthola team attacked just as they were about to apprehend a narcotics dealer.
The country’s top drug-busting team, “Sizokthola,” was attacked and prevented from exposing a drug dealer in Rustenburg, North West.

The Sizokthola crew stepped in and presented themselves to a source who was drinking at Coconut Lounge. He stated that they explained who they were and why they had come. “When they spotted Moja Love presenter Xolani Khumalo, several people in the pub were thrilled, and the scene became rather lively. The team could see their suspect but couldn’t approach him since the management and security of Coconut Club immediately obstructed them “According to the source.

According to the source, things became heated and the Sizokthola team attempted to leave the pub to avoid an altercation, but they were stopped by security. “Some of them eventually managed to flee, while others were trapped since security had sealed the gate. The team outside managed to break the gate lock and rescue the remaining personnel.


That was heartbreaking to witness since it is obvious that criminals are protected at any costs. That man they shielded is a drug dealer who murders children, yet management and security shielded him at all costs. My darling land, I weep “I’ve inserted the source. It was also claimed that while crew members were outside, Coconut Club security tossed bottles at them.


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