Ex-girlfriend Kekeletso Mahlelebe accused Sbu from Uzalo ‘Simphiwe Majozi’ of GBV and infidelity. Sbu had been seeing the claimed accuser for six years and lived with her.

According to City Press, Mahlelebe reportedly moved out of their house five months ago following many infidelity incidents and assault charges. Simphiwe and Kekeletso lived at their house in Newlands, KwaZulu Natal, and she describes their relationship as a roller coaster. According to Mahlelebe, they maintained the appearance of a happy relationship on social media, but in reality, they were miserable. She alleges that Majozi’s family opposed their relationship and that Majozi did not fight to make things better.

According to the 26-year-old, she reported the assault event to authorities at a KwaMashu police station, and she didn’t want this news to come out about Majozi because of his acting profession, so she encouraged the police to penalize him.


She claims that following the report, he halted the physical attack and switched to verbal and mental abuse. She describes one connection she had with a younger woman who she believes is now a member of Majozi’s family. Majozi, according to Mahlekebe, flirted with ladies everywhere and kissed them in front of her.

The lawmaker also claims that Simphiwe cheated on her with his coworkers on the set of Uzalo and that he took an 18-year-old home with him at some point.


By J Times

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