Dr Zondo is one of the intern doctors who takes their jobs seriously and does not let anyone get in her way. She always goes an extra mile to do her job successfully and eliminate any threats that comes her way.

Dr Thabo Dlamini has been a doctor with a lot of scandals to point where his brother got killed. He went and got himself cleaned after losing his brother and his wife got sent to mental health hospital until she also passed.

Thabo also started a little fling with Mbali that did not last long and not long before Mbali there was Zandile who thought she had him right where she wants him by her side.

Little did Zandile know that Thabo never wanted her and he about to prove that even when he falls for the least person we never thought will ever fall for.

The two doctors are set to give us the best in scandalous love affair at Durban General Hospital by far.


They are both so different yet so similar and that is what will make their relationship so interesting and hot.

The relationship will of course be the talk of the town because the two doctors have a love and hate relationship when it comes to their workplace. Another thing is that Dr Zondo does not just date anyone and the last time we saw her with a man it was the hot doctor and that did not last very long.

We all know about the ladies that seems to have a claim on Dr. Thabo, that is Dr. Zandile and Dr. Mbali who is also his arranged wife by her mother in law, Mrs Dlamini.

The two ladies will not be happy at all when the news about Thabo and Zondo breaks to the passages of Durban Gen hospital. Read teasers below.


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