Ama 2000 are the trend setters of the new decade into 2022. This is the generation born after the  year 2000 and are growing to be more and influential with the power of social media backing them up. Today’s youth has become closer and engage with each other more than ever before given the connectivity being at the palm of our hands.

The power of this connection means they can share ideas easily and quicker than ever before. They will stand by each other if they do not believe in something and support each other to bringing the moral societal changes they believe in.

Their access to information has made them more screwed meaning they are the modern day curators who can make their own decisions based on vast amounts information sources ease and readily available.

They lead the conversation and no longer have to wait to be told what to do.  This make pushing back for them seamless.


See the recent trending video it is alleged to be a grand Pa doing things to a 2000 CLICK HERE


By J Times

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