It gets very intense this week as Mondli ends up under Vika’s golden gun, and Nkunzi goes face to face with Vika
Let’s see what Uzalo has in store for us this week.


Vika infiltrates Nkunzi’s territory; literally, we see Vika come face to face with Nkunzi for the first time on this week’s highlights. Vika goes straight to Nkunzi’s Restaurant and attempts to take over there. He tells Nkunzi to remove everyone, so he can stay and enjoy with his friends. Nkunzi shows him the door naturally.

It doesn’t end there, Nkunzi is seen talking to Vika in his scrapyard, and Vika attempts to make Nkunzi an offer he can’t refuse, but Nkunzi stands his ground again. Nkunzi tells him to leave his territory alone. It looks like the battle lines have been drawn.

Tails of Vika’s golden gun
Mondli is also caught under Vika’s gun when his lead takes him to Vikas’s spot. Mondli is seen searching the cars around there while Vika sits with his crew inside, but a noise outside disturbs them, and the next shot is Vikas’ golden gun pointing at Mondli.

It gets worse, though, Vika has managed to get his paws on weapons meant for the police. He is armed and dangerous enough to raise a hell storm, and from the way he is behaving, he might.


Gabi’s interview goes South. Gabi reluctantly ended up accepting Ukhozi FM’s invitation for an interview. She listened to Sibonelo’s advice, and they both went together for that interview.

Everything seemed to be going well, and Gabisile sang her praises and Sibonelos. Things changed when callers started exposing the dark side of these two and the bad things they had done.

In the newly released video, things take a turn for the worst, and Gabisile leaves in the middle of the interview with Sibonelo. Gabi claims they are railroaded, and she won’t stand for it.

Nonka is celebrating her newfound success. Nonka has bought new furniture for her home. We see her showing a very surprised and proud MaDongwe. Nonka’s business is growing at a healthy rate, and she is starting to reap the rewards of her hard work.

Meanwhile, Sbu has hit rock bottom as he continues to pay for his sins.


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