This week a lot has happened. A controvesy we have witnessed today is seeing SK Khoza trending for almost wrong reasons. Khoza was captured on a video he appeared to be fighting a white man.

Though many are accusing him of substance abuse, the video appear to show issues are far more complex than drugs. He is dealing with alot on his plate and its sad to witness a guys who gave us such a good entertainment on screens failing to deal with a breakdown. Its worse for us as fans to judge him instead of supporting him. The man seems to be dealing issues of mental health and nothing to do with drugs. All wr can is pray and support him that he conquers his problems. We dont like seeing a man donwn! Lets lift him up as he did put smiles on our face.

The second video appeared to be worse:

AdvBarryRoux recently tweeted a caption with four photo framess. The tweet goes like :


“This Is Gogo Maweni (From that show of Sangomas on showmax) & These Two Men Are Gogo Maweni’s baby daddies. Not so Long Ago Gogo Maweni Said that IF HER BABIES DONT EAT, NO ONE WILL EAT! Siyabonga Zulu got Fired and SK Khoza Got Fired from the Queen.”

Fan suggest Sk could be a victim of ancestral complications


By J Times

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