During the Springboks Trophy Tour’s Cape Town leg, a fan attempted to take the trophy. On the other hand, the fans dealt with them immediately! Following the Springboks’ accomplishments in France on October 28th, 2023, the Webb Ellis trophy will be returned to South Africa.

The Boks overcame New Zealand’s All Blacks in a close contest to win the World Rugby Championship for the fourth time. The celebrations have been in full swing around the country, but one “fan” went too far when they sought to take matters into their own hands—in all the wrong ways.

On Friday, the Springboks Trophy Tour arrived in Cape Town, where they were greeted by large crowds from all across the city. Fans could be heard from the City Bowl to the suburbs all day. When things are so hectic, it’s easy for a few items to slip through the cracks, which unfortunately leads to opportunists trying their luck in South Africa. When things are hectic, criminals typically target little stuff such as phones and wallets. Someone decided to aim a little higher.



A video of a stranger in the crowd attempting to take Webb Ellis has gone viral, and when fans realized what he was up to, they immediately turned on him and called him to order. It is sad to say that many were disgusted to witness such behavior on what was supposed to be an exciting occasion. Fans slammed the would-be robber on social media, sending nasty comments such, “No man these Cape Town pharas are uncultured.” Another couldn’t believe it, commenting, “When you’re a thief, you’re a thief.” You can’t stop yourself! THE WORLD CUP OF RUGBY? “Are you serious?”


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