Durban Gen season 2 extended start tonight.And the story takes place 5 years later.

Mbali Mthethwa is now a fully-fledged sangoma.

Conflicted between Traditional Vs Western Medicine

Dr Mbali, a well-known actor on Durban Gen, was seen wearing a lovely traditional attire to celebrate her cultural background. Her admirers are startled since she recently came under criticism for reportedly lying about being a virgin and violating her tradition in that respect.


On Instagram, Nelisiwe posted a video of herself wearing an extraordinarily colorful garment made completely of beautiful beads. The clothing was traditional Zulu attire suited for a queen. Her clothing was really detailed, and she even wore matching earrings. She also donned beads and was spotted posing and having fun with her other companions, who were dressed up in traditional Zulu gear as if they were going to a traditional Zulu festival.

Nelisiwe Sibiya, a Durban Gen actress, was prosecuted for lying about being a virgin. She has recently experienced issues with social media. At the age of 28, the singer and actress stated that she was still a virgin. Twitter people chastised her for not being a virgin and disputed her claim.

The drama began with a blog post by gossip writer Musa Khawula denouncing Nelisiwe Sibiya as a bad actor. Tweeps flocked to criticise Nelisiwe for a variety of behaviors unrelated to her acting ability and talent. Twitter users questioned Nelisiwe Sibiya’s assertions that she is a virgin in the comments section.


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