Somizi’s ‘exes’ cause a stir together at the Durban July
Since falling out with Somizi, content creator Lasizwe Dambuza has built a friendship with his ex-husband, Mohale Motaung.

Somizi Mhlongo’s ex-husband – Mohale Motaung – and ex-friend – Lasizwe Dambuza – caused a stir when they were photographed together at the Hollywood Bets Durban July this past weekend.

The pair then created a joined Instagram post and captioned it “Always and forever, my love.”
People who saw the post immediately commented on the optics thereof with many wondering what Somizi would have to say about it.

Mohale and Somizi have been embroiled in a messy break-up turned divorce for the better part of the last year and the latter has been very frank about how he feels about all this on his Showmax reality show, Living The Dream With Somizi .

On 4 August, viewers will get to hear the former’s side of the story when Mohale: On the Record begins streaming on the Multichoice platform.

While Lasizwe also has his own show, he hasn’t really addressed what happened between himself and Somizi on his MTV Base reality show.

In 2020, after some years apart, Somizi and Lasizwe made up with Lasizwe confirming this through an Instagram post.

“@Somizi Having a fallout with you was one of the most emotional situations I had to go through. What broke my heart was that our fallout was based over people’s opinions about our relationship. To me you’ve always been someone I’ve always looked up to, someone I called an industry Father,” he wrote.
This after he missed Somizi’s wedding.


Mohale Motaung and Lasizwe Dambuza at the Hollywood Bets Durban July | Picture: Instagram
“We used to have our long chats over the phone which I dearly missed and after a few years of not talking I must say that hit me hard.

But I’m glad we had our talk and ironed out our issues. I’m SO looking forward to building a much more stronger bond and great memories with you [sic],” he added.

“PS: Your wedding looks like a dream. I watched it and baby cried a bit because I can see you finally found love and being loved suits you. Somizi, you are loved and you are love. Love, Lasizwe,” concluded Lasizwe in a post that (at the time of writing) was still on his profile.

The reconciliation didn’t seem to last long after Lasizwe appeared on another one of his shows, Drink or Tell the Truth , alongside Nadia Nakai where he revealed a little bit more about the state of his friendship with Somizi.

He boiled the basis of their feud down to the fact that they are in the same industry and do similar things.
“He is undoubtedly talented but as a person, the vibes with him and I?

No,” said Lasizwe, before adding “I believe you can’t be in the same circle as someone who is doing the same thing as you, but individually, give me zero for him.”

Some months later, Somizi went public with a new partner who is rumoured to be his fiance and Lasizwe revealed that Somizi’s new fiance is one of his former lovers.
Only time will tell whether or not Somizi, who was also present at The July, will have something to say about Mohale and Lasizwe’s link-up.


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