Generations The Legacy fans and South African Police Service (SAPS) officers demanded the removal of two lead actors after a series of ‘boring’ episodes and threatened to call for the cancellation of the show.

The SABC 1 longest-serving soap opera lost the plot after an exodus of its star cast members, which they dismally failed to replace. The sudden exit of quadruple Vusi Kunene (Jack Mabasa), Raphulana Seiphemo (Tau Mogale), Vuyo Dabula (Gadaffi), and Letoya Makhene (Tshidi) saw the Generations ratings tumble.

Increasing calls for the axing of actor Andile Nebulane (Detective Dali Malinga) and his partner Soso Rungqu (Zanele Nyathi) over a pathetic storyline have flooded social media. In Generations The Legacy, the two detectives have been accused of failing to make enough convictions hence portraying the South African Police Service as incompetent. Their failure to chase leads and always letting loose troublesome criminals has received a fair share of criticism from current and former police officers.

Andile Nebulane

Please do something about Pele and his partner in crime; when it comes to solving a crime or investigating, they are clueless and undermine our Police work. Make our kids fall in love with police work like way back like we used to about Sgt Kokobela every kid in the street wanted to be a police – Kabelo Lebitso.


A portion of fans calls for the promotion of energetic young Detective Mpho – the role played by Nathaniel Junior Oliphant Singo. Mpho’s determination to see criminals behind bars has earned massive praise.

Over the Generations The Legacy storyline, Mpho solved the mysterious case of a serial killer Winston who targeted caregivers and buried them in a dumpsite. As always, Detective Malinga removed Mpho from the case and threatened him with warnings for carrying out unsanctioned detective work.

Soso Rungqu (Zanele Nyathi)

To vindicate their favorite actors, a small number of fans pointed fingers at the show writers for the deliberate undermining of police work.

“This storyline must be dumped or improved; we can’t fold our hands while the force is being placed into disrepute by incompetent writers.”


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