Uzalo actress Nompilo Maphumulo who plays the character Nosipho Xulo celebrated her birthday on set. Like any other day, she started the day with a face beat to prep her for shooting. Fortunately for her, one of her crew members sang her happy birthday, and she recorded and posted it on her Insta stories. Actors usually spend the first parts of their birthdays on set.

Since shooting for an episode happens weeks before we see it on the screen, there is now a mystery about what will happen next. Well, at least she was instead filming at a different location this time and not in the Uzalo studios for once. She was in the KwaZulu-Natal aquarium uShaka Marine World. Along with her were her cast members, who play Pastor Mkhlongo, MaDongwe and MaDlala.

MaDongwe and MaDlala were wearing identical outfits on set. Much like they are working in the same place like a uniform sort. We all know that in the current Uzalo storyline, both the ladies owe Nosipho hefty sums of money. We aren’t sure if the job they’ll be doing is to raise funds to pay her back or what.


Nosipho from Uzalo 'Nompilo Maphumulo' celebrates birthday on set

As mentioned, it’s a good thing she is shooting at a different location. She had a nice lunch around the Durban region. Nompilo also teased fans with delicious ice cream and chocolate dessert on her plate. Unfortunately, with shooting, she had to do hair and makeup retouches now and then. Although she was in a different location, that drag was inevitable.

Another perk she got is watching the live dolphins. In the aquarium, dolphins are trained to make sounds on command, jump and dance. She got the privilege of sitting and watching them entertain her.


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