Confirmed, Durban Gen actress ‘Dr. Precious’ Lihle Dlomo bids farewell to the show.

When the second season of Durban Gen kicked off, Lihle Dlomo was nowhere to be seen as Dr Precious. Many of her fans wondered what had happened to her, and rumors circulated that she had been fired.

Last week the actress came back with a bang, and unfortunately, she has also left the show that way, breaking the hearts of her fans in the process.

In a post that Lihle Dlomo shared on her Instagram page, she has confirmed that there is no coming back for Dr. Precious Dlamini. She thanked the production team and the directors she got to work with on the Telenovela for the opportunity to show her talent onscreen. Dlomo thanked her fellow castmates, especially Meshack Mavuso, who played her husband, Thabo.

Lihle Dlomo went on to say that her fans had been asking her to come back to Durban Gen and asking about her character in the few months they did not see her.


The production team and writers had heard fans’ cries and brought her back for an official write-off. To finish the post, Lihle Dlomo stated that her character is dead and not coming back and promised more great things ahead of her career as an actress.

Lihle Dlomo played the part of Precious Dlamini, the scorned wife of Thabo Dlamini, a surgeon who slept around with fellow workmates. It came to a point where she sought the help of her brother-in-law to seer a child as her husband was impotent.

When the secret finally comes out that their son is not Thabo’s, he holds Precious and Sbusiso hostage, and the situation leads to Sbusiso being shot and killed by the responding officer.

After several months of wondering where Precious disappeared to after that, it was confirmed that she was in a mental institution. While trying to work out their differences and get her life back again, they attended a church service where an Ebola scare ruined everything.

While going to the hospital, Precious tries to save a girl who ran off searching for her mother; she gets hit by a taxi and dies.

Many of the show’s fans have let the writers know that they are not happy with how they wrote off her character. Others went on to say that they were delighted that she was back and enjoyed the show because of her. They even threatened to stop watching the show altogether.


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