Lindiwe and Nhlamulo’s marriage will be on the rocks again when she finds out that she’s carrying Mdala’s baby.

Lindiwe had unprotected deed with her husband’s rival a month ago when she moved out of their apartment.

She didn’t plan to sleep with him and Mdala took advantage of her because she was vulnerable at the time.
“Will she keep the baby?”
Lindiwe fell in love with her husband’s kids when they came to visit her.

Lindiwe from Scandal is pregnant with Mdala’s child
Nhlamulo has two kids from his previous relationship with Vuvu.
This will be Lindiwe’s first child as she just got married to Nhlamulo and the two are career-driven and haven’t begun plans of having their baby.

She’s also become close to Mdala’s wife who doesn’t have any kids with Mdala either.
Her pregnancy will ruin her relationship with her husband and Mdala’s wife, who is also her business partner.

She might not even tell her husband or Mdala’s wife about her pregnancy because she won’t want to keep the baby.


The only person she’ll confide in is her best friend, Mary who she’s been friends with since high school.
“What happened to Mdala?”
Lindiwe found out that Mdala has been sleeping with her to spite her husband.

Nhlamulo snitched on Mdala years ago and got him arrested for a heist.
Mdala’s wife helped Nhlamulo to get her husband back in prison when she realized he was using her too.

She and Lindiwe now have 50/50 % of the club because Mdala gave Lindiwe 50% shares in his club too.
Nhlamulo took his heist money again and divided it with Mdala’s wife and Lindiwe.

The trio is rich and has denied having the money that was stolen on the day that Mdala was arrested.
Mdala will be locked up for a long time as he’s still being investigated for his previous crime and his recent crime of shooting a police officer and for the attempted murder of Nhlamulo.


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