Dupped as the next big thing to ever happen on small screens, Mzansi has wondered where etvs drama series Scandal actress Seipati disappeared to? It’s almost three months since Nolo Seabi last starred in the drama series. No doubt Scandal hasn’t been the same without her.

The actress had fast become one of Mzansi’s finest of late. Her unmatched talent wowed not only Mzansi but the world at large. We can all agree she was poised for greatness, be it on or off-screen. However, in the wake of her newfound fame, the actress went awol.

Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots about her whereabouts in the mix of things. The last time we had a glimpse of her unmatched flair was when she was trying to persuade her sister to try her luck with Javas.

Scandal actress ‘Seipati’ Nolo Seabi - Source: Instagram@noloseabi

Since her much-talked-about debut, she has been nailing the character as if it’s her last. She was cast as Tibi’s mother and Lerumo’s wife.


The actress was introduced into the storyline as a mother of an abandoned son in someone’s custodian who happens to be YV’s mother. Soon after her mother’s death, YV took Tibi to the big city before she traveled to Europe.

Seipati later fell in love with Lerumo and became a family. She has since disappeared on small screens, and we are convinced that she might have bowed out of the drama series. However, of interest, her storyline got Mzansi talking. It depicted the struggles that single women face in our local communities and how hard it is to fit into society after doing something socially wrong.

Scandal actress ‘Seipati’ Nolo Seabi - Source: Instagram@noloseabi

One can conclude that she kissed her on-screen character goodbye given that her on-screen husband called it quits leaving her with no storyline. Rumour mill has it that she might have a hiatus since the storyline twist. The showrunners didn’t issue out any news about her exit and Mzansi remains optimistic that she is still part of the cast


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